• Sensor Touring Rack CEM Classic Data Backplane Pinout-Public

    In Sensor Touring Racks, ETC no longer uses the J2 connector for data input into the CEM.
    This is now accomplished through the J3 connector which is the smaller one in the middle of the CEM backplane.
    This connector is smaller and much less prone to damage from pulling CEM's in and out and jarring them around as the touring rack travels.
    The J3 pinout is the same as the J2 pinout.

    J3 pins are numbered as follows:

    Top row left to right (top of PCB)135791113
    Bottom row left to right (bottom of PCB)2468101214

    Pinout is as follows:

    1DMX A -
    2DMX A +
    3DMX A/B Common
    4Panic In (Usually switched with Pin 6)
    5Beacon Drive
    6Panic +10 VDC (Usually switched with Pin 4)
    7Panic Out Common
    8Panic Out 12Vdc (Used to drive Panic indication LED's/lamps)
    9DMX B -
    10DMX B +
    11ETCLink Voltage +12V DC
    12ETCLink Voltage Common
    13ETCLink Data
    14ETCLink Data