• Sensor Portable Pack Dimmers Jump to Full at 1% of Control


    When receiving a control level of 1% or higher, Sensor Portable Pack dimmers go to full at 1%

    The problem is caused by one of two issues.

    The first is that the control module is set for the incorrect type of pack.  Remember that an SR is an installed rack (bolted to the wall), whereas a SP is a portable or touring rack (you can pick it up and move it, or roll it across the room).  Consult your user manual or call ETC Technical Services to verify the rack type and the dimmer types, and how to set that information in the control module.

    Additionally, check the packs phase strapping and incoming voltages.  The problem may be that the pack has the internal copper buses configured for 3 phase, but is being fed single phase or vice versa.

    In this instance you will see patterns such as half or all of the middle third of the rack popping to full.

    If this is a rental, you may choose to contact your rental provider to correct the problem.  To make the adjustment yourself, see our /Support/Articles/Dimming-Switching/Legacy/.