• Sensor Module and Rack AIC ratings

    Module/Rack AIC Ratings

    A.I.C. is an acronym for "Ampere Interrupt Current". It has been replaced recently by the term "RMS Symmetrical Current". The AIC rating is the maximum current that can flow through a piece of equipment without permanent damage. If a direct short is applied between the phase bars of a rack, this allows the current protection to trip before damage occurs.

    At ETC, we typically use this term when referring to dimming racks. Here are the guidelines:

    Sensor SR/SRN Series Racks
    The dimmer module in the rack with the lowest AIC rating determines the AIC rating for the entire dimming rack.

    For Unison DR Series Racks
    The racks have the following AIC ratings:

    DR6Maximum of 10,000 AIC
    DR6 at 277VMaximum of 14,000AIC
    DR12Maximum of 22,600 AIC
    DR12 with Aux RackMaximum of 66,800 AIC

    You apply the DR rack rating first and then, the dimmer module in the rack with the lowest AIC rating determines the AIC rating for the entire dimming rack. (A D20 with an AIC of 100,000 in a DR6 would give you a total AIC for the installation of 10,000)    

    AIC ratings for Dimmer Modules


    Model #DescriptionRisetimeVoltageAICCompliance
    D15Dual 1.8kw dimmer350uS120v100,000UL, cUL
    D15EDual 1.8kw dimmer500uS120v100,000UL, cUL
    D15AFDual 1.8kw dimmer500uS120v100,000UL, cUL
    D15AFNDual 1.8kw NC dimmer500uS120v100,000UL, cUL
    D15AFGDual 1.8kw GFI dimmer500uS120v100,000UL, cUL, UL943
    D15FSingle 1.8kw (3 wire Fluorescent) Dimmer0uS120v10,000UL, cUL
    CC15Dual 15A Constant Current Circuit Breaker0uS120v10,000UL, cUL
    BC15Dual 15A Branch Circuit Breaker0uS120v10,000UL, cUL
    R15AFDual 1.8kw relayN/A120v10,000UL, cUL
    D20Dual 2.4kw dimmer350uS120v100,000UL, cUL
    D20EDual 2.4kw dimmer500uS120v100,000UL, cUL
    D20AFDual 2.4kw dimmer500uS120v100,000UL, cUL
    D20AFNDual 2.4kw NC dimmer500uS120v100,000UL, cUL
    D20AFGDual 2.4kw GFI dimmer500uS120v100,000UL, cUL, UL943
    D20HRSingle 2.4kw dimmer800uS120v100,000UL, cUL
    D20FSingle 2.4kw (3 wire Fluorescent) Dimmer0uS120v10,000UL, cUL
    CC20Dual 20A Constant Current Circuit Breaker0uS120v10,000UL, cUL
    BC20Dual 20A Branch Circuit Breaker0uS120v10,000UL, cUL
    R20AFDual 2.4kw relay
    N/A120v10,000UL, cUL
    D50AFSingle 5kw dimmer500uS120v100,000UL, cUL
    D50AFNSingle 5kw NC dimmer500uS120v100,000UL, cUL
    D50HRSingle 5kw dimmer800uS120v100,000UL, cUL
    CC50Single 50A Constant Current Circuit Breaker0uS120v100,000UL, cUL
    D100AFDouble 12kw dimmer500uS120v100,000UL, cUL