• SD12000 Power Cubes

    There are a couple of styles of SD12000 dimmers.  The "old" style used two cubes mounted to the heat sink.  We no longer have any of these old cubes, nor can we get any more.  If a customer calls requesting new power cubes for their SD-12000 dimmer, you must determine if it is a "old" or a "new" style.  There are no changes visible from outside of the dimmer to help you determine this.  The customer will have to open the unit to see if there are two cubes attached to the heat sink (old), or one cube and a small green circuit board with a thermal switch between them (new).  If the customer has an old style SD-12000, they will need to purchase an upgrade kit to replace the cube.  Included in the upgrade assembly is a new cube, firing card, heat sink, etc... 

    The part number for the upgrade kit is 1015A1008.

    Instructions are included in the kit.  The Packs department assembles these parts so that they are fairly easy to install. 
    Instructions are included in the kit.

    Here is a run-down of the parts:
    Exploded BOM for [1015A1008] SD-12000B SCR UPGRADE KIT

    • ID; HEAT SINK  (1) HS117
    • HEAT SINK 8' 62425       AAVID1015A3019
    • SD-24000 BUSS BAR  (1) 0040-125-36096
    • CU      .125 36X96          SH1086A4224
    • 12K SCR FIRING BD INSULATOR  (1) 0060-0001
    • NOMEX .015(.381) 410/94-V   SH1086B5035
    • SCR FIRING CARD ASSEMBLY  (1) 1086B4025A
    • PCB SCR FIRING CARD  (1) CR124
    • DIO SW 100V 0.25W 1N914 .4  (1) I204
    • LABEL .80" x .25"  (1) J6114
    • CON 4M HDR PCB .1 LOC MLX  (1) R174
    • RES 510   1/4W  5%  (1) R292
    • RES 0     1/4W  (1) Z428
    • SCR 4-40x3/8 SPHMS; B/OHW313
    • SCR 8-32x5/8 SPHMS  L/T ZINCHW429
    • SCR 10-32x5/8 SHHMS ZINCHW507
    • NUT 1/4-20 STOP 7/16 5/16 SSHW526
    • WSH SPT 1/4 .262X.489X.062 SSHW537
    • BOLT 1/4-20x1/2 HHCS G5HW976
    • STOF #8X1/4 L X1/4D NYLI314
    • THERMAL GREASE 120-8,5 OUNCEJ419
    • TERM DISC F 22-18 .250 FI REDJ610
    • CON 2F MAS CBL .156 20GA BRNQ134
    • SCR BLOCK 130A   IRKT162-08 IRTS104
    • WIRE 20GA 300V 105C BROWNW310
    • WIRE 20GA 300V 105C BLACK0044-0001
    • CU WRAP #2 .0050 X 2"       FT1015M1001
    • NUT 6-32 STOP 5/16 3/16 SSHW232
    • SCR 6-32x1/4 PHPHMS B/ZJ4131
    • TERM RING 1/4" 2GA INS   RG717J6127
    • CON 2P COVER MAS END .156J6133
    • CON 4P COVER MAS END .100J648
    • CON 4F MAS CBL .100 24GA BLK EW811
    • 2 GAGE EFW