• RDM Discovery Interval Timing in Net3 Gateways

    The 'RDM Discovery Interval' property of a Net3 Gateway defaults, in the first RDM version (v2.0.0) of the Net3 Two and Four Port Gateways, to 1000ms.  Previous gateway software defaulted this property to 100ms.

    New gateways will be manufactured with a default of 1000ms. Existing gateways that are upgraded will keep their default 100ms.

    An RDM interval rate of 100ms could potentially interfere with tight DMX fades.  If you notice choppy fades on devices from RDM enabled ports, use the Gateway Configuration Editor (GCE) to either disable RDM or (if RDM is desired) reset the RDM discovery interval to 1000ms.

    ETC recommends that if RDM is enabled, the RDM discovery interval timing should always be set to a minimum of 1000ms.