• Pinout for the Kodak E-III slide projector's remote control

    The pinout for the Kodak E-III remote is as follows:
    1 - Focus+
    2 - Forward
    3 - Reverse
    4 - Focus-
    5 - Common 28v AC

    For your purposes you will need pins 2,3 and 5.
    If you're running a really long extension, be aware that youmight have problems with voltage drop
    - You'll know this is happening when the projector doesn't advance reliably. Hopefully you have some really heavy-duty 3-pin XLR cablelying around

    - use the largest gauge cable possible.  (Keepin mind that for voltage drop calculations the cable lengthis *double* the physical length because control power has to come all the way from the projector to your control pickleand back.)  Also, be sure when making your adapters that youdon't use the XLR shield ground or you could get bit by 28volts from the projector. The current is minimal, but you could easily short the projector power supply and/or lose your balance on a ladder... :

    -(Note For the Curious: Pins 7 & 8 are for externally switching (or dimming) the projector lamp on the E-III.  With the fan switch on, 82v AC from the projector will appear on one of those pins; the other pin goes directly back to the lamp, bypassing the Hi/Lo switch.  You can connect pins 7 & 8 to the two wires of almost any dimmer or switch to take control of the lamp. Yes, garden-variety household dimmers will work, even though it's 82 volts instead of 115.  Voltage drop can be a problem with the lamp, too, especially if you need a really bright image.

     FWIW, As I write this I'm running a show that uses slaved CD-80 dimmers to run Kodak projectors

    - I run all of the projector functions from the light board, programmed with the light cues - works great!
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