• Issue using ColorSource Console with Paradigm Processor (PACP)

    In September 2016, an issue was found where a Paradigm Architectural Control Processor (PACP) will not respond to DMX coming from a ColorSource Console in v1.0.x at its default rate of ‘Fast.’ This is due to the type of DMX technology used in the PACP.

    A hardware revision is planned to fix this problem. In the meantime, and for existing PACP hardware, the workaround is to set the DMX speed of the ColorSource Console to Maximum, Medium, or Slow. The PACP will also be unaffected if the DMX from the console passes through another DMX re-generating device, like an ETC Net3 RDM/DMX gateway.

    This article will be update once a hardware change has been implemented in the PACP.