• How to Determine if my Expression 2-family Console has MIDI Installed? 


    How can I determine if my Expression 2-family console has MIDI installed?


    Follow these steps to determine if your console has MIDI installed.

    Note:  The Impression 2 console does not support MIDI.

    1. If your console was manufactured after 7/22/94, it has MIDI installed.  Continue with the other upgrades.
    2. If your console was manufactured before 7/22/94, you can verify MIDI by using a digital voltmeter. 
    • Set your digital voltmeter to the diode test function.
    • Put your negative probe on pin 5 and your positive probe on pin 4 of the MIDI IN connector.  This may require the use of paperclips to access the pins.
    • If you read 0.7vdc, swap your probes and read again.
    • If you read nothing you do not have MIDI
    • If you read 1.5vdc, you have MIDI installed.