• How much Heat does a Smartpack Generate?

    This information pertains to the ARRI Smartpacks originally manufactured in Europe.

    The amount of heat generated by a phase control dimmer is determined in part by the load applied.

    Maximums based on the full rated load of a Smartpack :

    Type of Pack Per dimmer (BTUs) Per dimmer pack (BTUs)
    12 channel, 20 amp 60W/ 204.72  720W/ 2456.64
    24 channel, 10 amp

    30W/ 102.36 

    720W/ 2456.64

    All the dissipation is due to current and is not voltage related, so the values are the same at either voltage.

    Combined for a 4 pack touring rack, Maximum total would be 2880W total or 9888 BTUs.