• DOS Utility Tricks

    Checks the status of a disk and displays a status report. Can also fix disk errors. (Not as good as Scandisk)

    Reorganizes the files on a disk to optimize disk performance. Do not use this command when Windows is running. (Always run Scandisk before running Defrag)

    Starts MS-DOS Editor, a text editor you can use to create and edit ASCII text files.
    MS-DOS Editor is a full-screen editor that allows you to create, edit, save, and print ASCII text files. Using MS-DOS Editor, you can choose commands from menus and specify information and preferences in dialog boxes. MS-DOS Editor includes extensive online Help about MS-DOS Editor techniques and commands.

    SCANDISK  (Dos 6.22 or later only)
    Starts Microsoft ScanDisk, a disk analysis and repair tool that checks a drive for errors and corrects any problems that it finds.
    Note: on Obsession 1 , If fast open enabled you can not run ScanDisk.  You can disable fast open by running REM-ing out the line in the Autoexec.bat. You can do this with Edit.

    Displays the contents of a text file.
    Use the TYPE command to view a text file without modifying it.