• Do Nested Console Macros Return to Original (Calling) Macro? 

    Short answer, no.

    Unlike macros in many computer applications/programming languages, there is no way to return to an originating macro from a macro called within it.

    For example, if  macro one that sets channel 1 to full, then calls macro two, then sets all channels back to zero. Macro 2 is programmed so it sets channel 2 to full. What you will see upon executing macro one, is channel 1 set to full followed almost immediately by channel 2 set to full. You will not see the completion of macro one, where all channels return to zero.

    To understand this, you must first understand that macros are, in essence a series of button key-hits recorded into a single button. When that button is activated, the console software plays the key presses exactly as if they were being entered by a live human. In the above example, what the console would see is channel 1 being set to full, then macro two called, which sets channel 2 to full. The console would never see the command at the end of macro one that sets all channels back to zero, because this is not in the series of key hits.