• Console Registration Thank You Gifts

    As a thank-you for purchasing and registering consoles in the Eos, Congo / Cobalt, and SmartFade families, ETC provides a gift. For the SmartFade family, this is an SD card. At the inception of Eos- and Congo-Family consoles, this gift was a Client Dongle that allowed a user to connect a PC as a Client to those consoles. In 2009, this promotion was changed. Now, only flagship console registrations (Eos Ti, Gio, Cobalt 10 and Cobalt 20) receive an ETCnomad dongle when registering their console. All others receive a blank USB drive.

    * ETC reserves the right to cancel or alter this promotion at any time without notice. Only 1 registration per console is allowed.

    Here is the list of the current registration gifts by console:

    Console Gift
    Eos Ti ETCnomad 256
    Gio ETCnomad 256
    Ion USB Drive
    Element USB Drive
    Cobalt 20 ETCnomad 256
    Cobalt 10 ETCnomad 256
    Congo Jr USB Drive
    Congo Kid USB Drive
    SmartFade SD Card
    SmartFade ML SD Card
    ColorSourceUSB Drive
    ColorSource AVUSB Drive