• CEM "Backup Mismatch" Errors 


    Backup looks are not stored system-wide.  Each rack keeps track of what dimmers in that should be set to what level for each Backup look.  However, each rack's Backup looks are also stored in the adjacent racks. 

    For example, in a 5-rack system, Rack #3's backup looks are stored in Racks #2 and #4.  Rack #5's Backup looks are also stored in Racks #4 and #1.

    If a CEM is is not online when Backup looks are recorded, a "Backup Mismatch" error will be displayed when placed into the system.  In the first example above, if Backup looks are recorded
    while CEM #3 is offline, when CEM #3 is online again, it would see that the information it has for Rack #2 is incorrect, and Rack #2 would see that Rack #3's Backup looks are incorrect. 
    In this case, at Rack #3, you can update Backups from Rack #2.

    Note:  This error is not the same as "Config Mismatch"  Contact ETC Tech Services if you are seeing config mismatch.


    If Backup looks are not important to you, the easiest way to clear out the error is to [Clear All] Backup looks.  You can then re-record them at a later time.

    Note that if you are receiving "Backup Mismatch" errors,  you can go to the offending CEM and select [Rack] [2] use [right arrow] till you see "Update Backup from" press [Enter], and select
    the rack that contains the correct Backup looks.  This will update the Backup looks in the offending CEM.

    Alternatively, the Backup looks can be updated from its own rack, which will update the information in the adjacent racks.