• Balancing LED Colors on the Smartfade ML

    The SmartFade ML has RGB LED indicators that are factory-calibrated to a white mix.  Due to manufacturing differences in LEDs, there may be a need to recalibrate the LED button colors on your console so that "white" is actually white.  This can be done (as of software v2.0) in the [Setup] menu under the item [LED Calibration].

    The following are the settings that have been found to give a good white depending on the version of LED that is in the console.

     Option 1:   Red: 255, Green: 195, Blue:  205
     Option 2:   Red: 255, Green: 180, Blue:  190
     Option 3:   Red: 255, Green: 217, Blue:  217
     Option 4:   Red: 255, Green: 210, Blue:  220

    Note: If you reinstall software or go all the way through the diagnostics menu memory check, these settings will be lost and will need to be set again.