• AR6 Channel Assignments For DMXi Interpreter

    16 Bit 13 Channel mode:

    1. Intensity                 
    2. Coarse Pan
    3. Fine Pan                 
    4. Coarse Tilt             
    5. Fine Tilt                  
    6. Color                     
    7. Gobo                      
    8. Dummy Channel      
    9. Dummy Channel      
    10. Intensity Time          
    11. Focus Time      
    12. Color Time              
    13. Beam Time     
      Timing Notes Ch10-13:

    Ch10 is intensity timing channel
    Ch11 is focus timing channel which includes Pan and Tilt
    Ch12 is color timing channel which includes color and gobo
    Ch13 is beam timing channel

    For every 1% on the console channel, the execution time is approximately 2.5 seconds.  This is about as fast as the luminaire will move using DMX. ( a DMX level of 5 = 12.5 sec) Be sure to have the console preset sets at 0 time. Do not use Irideon timing channels when the console is trying to fade up or down dimming channels. You will have to use part cues or separate cues for the dimmer and Irideon fixtures.