• Sensor3 (CEM3) Redundant Tracking Upgrades 

    When upgrading a single processor system to support dual processors, the order of operation is important.

    1. BEFORE REPLACING THE BACKPLANE: Check with ETC to determine the latest released version of CEM3 Power Control software.
    2. Verify that software has been upgraded to V1.3 or later in all processors. (Note: Both processors in a rack must match software versions and if feedback is being used, it is highly recommended to have software versions up to date across the entire system.)
    3. Upgrade software to the latest release version.
    4. Once all processors have been upgraded to the latest software version (at least V1.3), begin upgrading backplanes according to the installation instructions provided with the upgrade kits.

    WARNING: Failure to upgrade the processors to software version 1.3 or above may result in a corrupted backplane which will require replacement of backplane hardware.