• Circuit Assignments 

    Circuit Assignments

    Push the setup button []

    Scroll down to [Circuit Assignment]  OR

    Scroll down to [Rack] and push [Enter]

    Scroll down to [Circuit Assignment]

    Circuit assignments are typically only used by a commissioning technician, but this screen also gives a rapid view of dimmer types and the associated mapping of User Defined Number (UDN) to associated fixed locations in the rack called circuits.

    Note: Changing a module to a type that has non-addressable circuit(s) will result in the UDN for those circuits to change to 0.  If the module type is changed to a dual density module requiring assignment of UDN's to those circuits, It is suggested to manually enter the UDN to the circuit locations previously entered as 0.  Until this operation is performed, there is no UI access to the non- addressable location. Examples of these module types include D20HR, D20FB, D20F, D50AF, D50HR, and D100AF.