Echo 0-10V Controllers

0-10V Dimming Controllers are available in single- or dual-zone 120/277V configurations and provide on/off functionality and 0-10V dimming for direct control of compatible LED drivers and fluorescent dimming ballasts up to 20 amps. The EchoAccess Mobile App provides configuration of the Echo 0-10V Controller circuits and preset fade times for all 8 built-in presets.

Configuring the Circuits and Preset Fade Times

Use the keypad to set the default preset fade timing and circuit values for each programmed preset.

  • Timing - use the keypad to set the preset fade timing used for all configured circuits in this preset
  • Circuit # Value - use the keypad to set the intensity level for each individual circuit in this preset

Configuration Sharing

Five buttons are available at the bottom of the configuration screen.