Space Configuration

Space Configuration page determines the user experience within the EchoAccess Mobile App for the selected space when connected to the selected interface, either EchoAccess Interface or Echo Expansion Bridge.


  • [Select a Space] - select a Space to configure from the available drop down menu
  • Space # General - edit the Space Name (limited to 27 alphanumeric characters), set the Number Of Presets, and set the Number Of Zones that are configurable for the selected Space
  • Preset Info - edit the name of each configured Preset (limited to 27 alphanumeric characters) for the selected Space
  • Zone Info - edit the name of each configured Zone (limited to 27 alphanumeric characters) and set to Hide or Show the Zones Color Picker
    • Setting a Zone Color Picker to Show, reveals the Color Picker for the selected Zone on the Zone Control Page.

The dots at the bottom of the screen indicate additional pages of configuration for the selected interface. Swipe left or right to access the General Configuration page.