Echo Light Sensor

The Echo Light Sensor (also known as a Photo Sensor) provides light level measurement and lighting control for the connected Echo control system. The sensor measures lighting conditions to maintain a programmed lighting output in both dimmed and switched systems. Light Sensors are available in either black or white finish:

Echo Light Sensor
E-LS Light Sensor head with controller

Light Sensor controller Only

E-LSH Light Sensor head Only

Each Light Sensor controller supports one or two Light Sensor heads. A Light Sensor head may be installed within the controller or installed remotely, using up to 1,000 feet (304m) of 16 AWG (1.3mm2) wire per controller. When using a pair of Light Sensor heads, both sensor heads transmit their light readings to a single Light Sensor controller. The controller averages the levels and uses them to control lighting within the space.

Reference the Unison Echo Light Sensor Installation Guide for more information on installing this sensor. All ETC documentation is available for free download from

Configuring the Light Sensor

Note: Changes made to the Echo Light Sensor configuration settings using the EchoAccess Mobile App impact the behavior the sensor when Custom Config mode has been enabled (set to On). The Custom Config mode DIP switch is located on the circuit board (rear side), of the sensor . A sensor placed in Basic Config mode (Custom Config DIP switch set to Off) is unaffected by EchoAccess Mobile App custom configuration settings.

Note: If off is played from a station the light sensor events will not turn lights on.

Set all values as desired using the keypad.

Action Type

Set the Light Sensor Action to function in either Switch or Dim mode, and configure their related actions.