• Updating Echo Firmware from v2.0.0 or Earlier

    When planning to update the firmware in an Echo® Relay Panel or any other product that uses the Echo Power Control Processor, take note of the current version the processor is running. If the starting firmware is v2.1.0 or above, simply load the firmware from a USB stick using the File Operations menu. However, if the starting firmware is v2.0.0 or earlier, there is an extra step involved.

    First, install firmware v2.1.0 to the Echo Power Control Processor. Then install the newest version. Both installs can be done using the File Operations menu.

    If this step has been skipped, the Power Control Processor could get stuck on the Echo splash screen and may be unresponsive to commands. This CAN be fixed in the field.

    1. Power the processor down using the control breaker that supplies its voltage.
    2. Insert a USB stick with firmware v2.1.0 loaded to the root directory.

    3. Press and hold Enter (check mark) and Back (Left arrow) simultaneously while powering the processor back on. 4. Firmware v2.1.0 will automatically begin installing from the USB Stick.

    Once this is completed, the newest version of firmware can be installed using the File Operations menu.