• Servicing Carrier Boards on Pre UCB Consoles (Gio, Ti, RPU3, RVI3, Cobalt 20) - Internal

    As ECOs (Engineering Change Orders) are performed on pre-UCB consoles (CE Gio, Ti, RPU3, RVI3, Cobalt 20), the FPGA (field programmable gate array) chip on the carrier board must also be upgraded.

    Affected part numbers include:

    • 4240B5613
    • 4350B5605
    • 4370B5611

    We recommend performing the ECOs and FPGA update on any Pre-UCB console that comes in. The only time that this is not applicable is on the pre-CE Gio (4240B5603).

    The FPGA chip has several functions – among other things, it regulates cooling fans, and it controls the power up sequencing. As ECOs were changed, the FPGA firmware would frequently change as well.

    The FPGA improvements over the years have included changes to how we handle the power-up sequence to avoid bluescreen conditions with USB chipsets. (It’s basically the other half of the fix with the resistor mods).

    Check on any pre-UCB console that comes in for repair that it has the FPGA firmware updated to the current version. (Note that this upgrade does not affect any existing output count programming). You can check the current version by running GioFan located on consoles in the C:\Program Files (x86)\ETC\GioFan\ directory. Most versions of GioFan will show the FPGA version on screen. There is a GioFan installer available on the teams server if it is an older version.

    Servicing Carrier Boards

    The tool required to do this programming is a Xilinx HW-USB-II programmer ( You also need the Xilinx Lab Tools installed on a machine, which is a sizeable install (approximately 5 GB). Both XP and Windows 7 are supported; 32-bit or 64-bit.

    In the US, we have a Xilinx programmer in Middleton repairs and a second programmer at the LA Office.