• LPC (Expression3_Insight3) Common Problems-Internal



    Lines in the LCD

    These lines are cause by the adhesive of the LCD coming loose, due to heat, and the LCD sliding down. DO NOT USE ANY SHARP OBJECT TO TRY TO MOVE THE LCD BACK INTO PLACE; IF IT SLIDES DOWN, YOU WILL DAMAGE THE LCD. The LCD should still function with these lines. If the lines make the display unreadable, the LCD will need to be replaced.

    Reboots constantly or locks up

    This could be due to moisture on the board caused by the board being turned off and on frequently. Alcohol and q-tips can be used to clean the board and take care of the moisture. If this does not take care of the problem, the power harness from the power supply to the psuedo face panel replaced and or updated.

    Loosing ability to time stamp a show

    EPROM in battery socket - Real time clock initialized here. Replace battery socket, which is in a socket. Battery number is DS1216 or DS1216F. A new battery can last 10 years. Refer to appropriate schematic to find out the address for the socket. This is a socketed socket, so this socket pops out and can be replaced easily

    DMX does not transmit or receive

    A 75176 chip needs to be replaced. Check schematic for location.

    LCD becomes faint

    The room is too hot. The hotter the room, the more likely you are to have the LCD slide down, and lines will start appearing on the screen. Pot (P1) on control board can be adjusted to adapt to room temperature. P1 can be touchy. Use Vibratite to keep it tight.


    • If the Case is black, it is preuniversal, and not certified for CE.
    • If the Case is silver, it is universal, and it is certified for CE.