• Paradigm LightDesigner Keyboard Shortcuts

    The Paradigm LightDesigner software incorporates many keyboard shortcuts to make programming easier. These include standards like Cut, Copy, and Paste, as well as shortcuts for moving between views.

    Many of these shortcuts are displayed as tooltips when hovering over buttons, such as the Network View:


    They are also given in the right-click Context Menu (e.g. of a Zone):

    context menu

    Please note that not all of these shortcuts are available in all versions of Light Designer.

    General Shortcuts

    CTRL-O: Open file

    CTRL-W: Close file

    CTRL-S: Save file

    CTRL-Z: Undo

    CTRL-Y: Redo

    CTRL-X: Cut

    CTRL-C: Copy

    CTRL-V: Paste

    CTRL-N: new project

    Del : Deletes the selected item(s)

    CTRL-U: Upload project dialog (Added in LD 3.0 to match Mosaic)

    CTRL-R: Retrieve project dialog (Added in LD 3.0 to match Mosaic)

    Change views

    ALT-1: Design view

    ALT-2: Program/Simulate View

    ALT-3: Timed Events View

    ALT-4: Macro Editor view

    ALT-5: Patch view

    ALT-6: Network view

    ALT-7: System Estimator


    F1: Launch help

    F2: edit text or name

    CTRL +: zoom in

    CTRL -: zoom out

    Multiple Selection

    In LightDesigner, it is possible to select multiple items such as buttons and faders on a station. This is done by holding the Alt key to select the first item, then holding the Control [CTRL] key while left-clicking following items. Each item selected will have a red box to indicate it is selected.

    When multiple items of the same type are selected, they can be copied and pasted using the right-click context menu:

    right-click context menu

    Smart Assign Control Function

    This function will allow you to select a range of Buttons or Faders and then assign a range of similar control functions to them.

    Note: You can only select items on a single station or page. All selected items must be the same type. You can not select both buttons and faders at the same time.

    • Use Left-Click+Alt+Control to select a range of buttons or faders on a station.
    • Right-Click on any selected item and Left-Click {Smart Assign Control Function} from the subsequent menu
    • Within the Set Control Function window, select the function for the range of Buttons or Faders
    • Left-Click {OK}
    • Note: The order for Smart Assign is based on the alphabetical sort order of the Browser.

    Copy/Paste Whole Stations

    You can copy and paste entire stations of the same type. If you make changes to one station and then copy it, you can paste those changes to other stations of the same type, rather than re-programming each station individually. This is done using Paste Station Control Assignments in the right-click Context Menu:

    right-click context menu