• Irideon AR5 and AR50 -ASC


    The AR500 was obsoleted early in 2004. The AR6 was manufactured until April 2005

    Parts are no longer manufactured for the Irideon, and ETC does not have the ability to produce any new parts. We only have what is in the US repairs inventory, a very small amount.

    ETC Inc can do repair work on most Irideon items. All the electronics can be repaired and the color changing mechanism might be able to be repaired / refurbished depending on the problem. Parts would need to be sent to ETC Inc and it would be a billable repair.  

    Additional troubleshooting :

    On the AR5, APS board causes flickering of lamp and Q3,D5, D6 to fail --- Bad L4

    EMI Line Input Voltages --- Low Voltage  (with jumper) 110 VAC + or - 20 VACHigh Voltage (without jumper) 220 VAC + or - 40 VAC