Prodigy FlyPipe

Revive. Repurpose. Reimagine.

If you have an under-utilized space that is crying out to be turned into something amazing, ETC has a product to help you do just that. Prodigy FlyPipe is a compact, budget-friendly, zero fleet, self-climbing hoist that requires minimal structural support. This means you can add lighting, sound systems, projection, and other theatrical elements to spaces previously overlooked.

Prodigy FlyPipe


Hands on learning

These budget-friendly hoists are perfect for schools which means they’re a great way to get students involved in technology and the arts. The opportunities for hands-on learning with these systems, as with anything, leads to higher retention rates and improved problem solving and critical thinking skills. Include students in the programming and use of a technology-rich system that include products such as FlyPipe and QuickTouch Preset and watch as they create useful, artful environments. 

When used with QuickTouch Preset, cafeterias, gymnasiums, theatres, and common areas can be transformed with the help of this low-profile, self-climbing hoist. No more lifts, ladders, or catwalks needed. Use FlyPipe and one of our QuickTouch controllers to bring the technology to your level. 

  • Simple to install with minimal structural engineering requirements.
  • Safe to use with multiple built-in safety features.
  • Affordable for schools and other budget-conscious venues. 

Shipping early 2019