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    A memorial was held for David North at ETC on Saturday, March 18. The eulogy portion of the memorial was recorded and will be available here through April 18th, 2017

    Rigging General Manager

    David North holds a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University, having graduated in 1993. During college, he worked as a lighting designer, stagehand, high rigger and master electrician, while also performing installation and repair work on lighting and rigging systems for Stageworks Lighting and Production in Raleigh, North Carolina.

    In 1994, North began working at ETC as a support specialist in our renowned Technical Service department. He was promoted in 1997 to a supervisor position, assisting on several large installation projects, including a groundbreaking park-wide lighting system for Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Three years later, North was again promoted to be the manager of his department. In that role, he worked on many projects, such as the Disney California Adventure Park and the Tokyo DisneySea attraction, and led a team that is responsible for custom hardware and software development, large-site project management, beta testing and product releases.

    North has been involved in ETC’s rigging product development since it was launched in 2009, and has been instrumental in training personnel and setting up support services, as well as managing ETC’s Rigging Professional Services department, which provides quotations, project management, applications engineering, field service, phone support and training on rigging equipment. In 2013, ETC tapped North to become the general manager for the rapidly expanding ETC Rigging™ product family, directing ETC’s rigging strategy around the globe.  

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