• Engineering Note 049 Wall Mount Kits Available for Response Interface Products-Internal

    A new hardware kit is available for the Response interface products that allows them to be wall-mounted. The kits consist of two steel brackets that attach to the Response box. The box and brackets are then mounted with four screws. The wall mounting kit may be used only with portable Response products; not those designed for mounting in standard 19-inch racks. The dimensions of the brackets vary to accommodate the various Response products.

    The brackets do not restrict access to the screws that hold the cover on; this permits service without removing the box from the wall. In addition, because the brackets stand off from the wall, they allow for cable routing between the unit and the wall. The mounting holes are key-slotted to make it easy to install and remove the unit. The brackets are designed so that the unit can be mounted feet-in or feet out.

    Net price for a wall mount kit is $50.00.

    Please use the following part numbers to order wall mount kits:

    • Response 32 OUT, A32 OUT and CONVERTER 1047A1004
    • Response NETWORK CONTROLLER, 96 IN, 96 OUT 1086A1212
    • Response OPTO-SPLITTER (I5M) 1086A1213