Sensor IQ Intelligent Breaker System

Sensor IQ Intelligent Breaker System

Power control for the next generation

The Sensor® IQ Intelligent Breaker System is a top-of-the-line, go-to power-control solution for modern entertainment-lighting systems that contain any combination of LEDs and moving lights. Housed in a compact footprint, Sensor IQ offers total system power control and can combine lighting, video projection and audio systems with its built-in sequencer and available isolated ground bar. Sensor IQ can even handle tungsten loads with the help of a Source Four® Dimmer.

Sensor IQ 120V and 277V are UL and cUL listed.

Truly intelligent control.

Sensor IQ makes troubleshooting stress-free with global monitoring for your entire lighting system over Ethernet. View circuit-by-circuit live reporting from your web browser for each attached load's trip level, state and control source. Sensor IQ offers advanced patching and control prioritization between sACN, DMX and sequences, so you can give control of your system to people who need it, and limit access for those who don't.

A truly intelligent breaker.

Sensor IQ delivers switching with data reporting for one-, two- and three-pole circuits. Available in 15- to 30-amp versions, Sensor IQ’s built-in, hydraulic-magnetic breakers are tuned for high inrush trip curves, matching their Sensor family heritage, and are designed not to trip under full load. Its convenient manual on/off lever lets you reset the circuit without requiring active power to the cabinet.

A complete system solution.

Sensor IQ can support direct connection for up to six Unison Echo® power controllers and six stations. Room-segmented control is made easy with Sensor IQ's one-button sequencing capability, the Inspire One-Button Station and the help of standard EchoConnect™ software. Customize your system by adding accessories like the ISO ground bar, a great solution for venues that want to avoid that pesky ground-loop audio hum. Branch circuit fuse boxes, which an electrical engineer may require for selective coordination of loads, are also available in 6-, 12- and 24-fuse models.

Less wiring, less hassle.

The Sensor IQ breaker panel can be mounted nearly anywhere. It has the smallest footprint on the market and eliminates the need for contact wiring, making installation and setup easy as can be. Sensor IQ is available in 12-, 24- and 48-circuit models that can be easily surface-mounted on any standard wall, or flush-mounted in a standard 16-inch stud wall (12- and 24-circuit systems only).

Sensor IQ Intelligent Breaker System
277V Sensor IQ Panels

Sensor IQ 277V panels provide one-pole 15-, 20- and 30-amp hydraulic-magnetic breakers, ideal for large, commercial facilities – such as arenas, stadiums and convention centers – that need power-control support for area lighting in hallways, lobbies, offices, ballrooms and more. It is available in 12-, 24- and 48-circuit models up to 65,000 amps series SCCR (Short-Circuit Current Rating). Sensor IQ 277V also accepts 220V-240V feeds for international-system support.