Fixture Setup

Source Four LED Series 3 with 26 degree lens tube

A Yoke tilt-lock: Tilt the fixture as needed, and then turn the tilt-lock clockwise to lock the position. If necessary, pull the tilt-lock away from the stem to adjust the tilt-lock position.
B Safety cable attachment point: Attach safety cable to the fixture housing.
C Barrel rotation knob: Loosen to rotate the barrel, and then tighten to secure it (See Rotate the Shutter Barrel.).
D Shutters: Use four framing shutters to shape the beam.
E Pattern holder slot and accessory slot: Insert an A-size, B-size, or glass pattern holder, and insert an accessory, such as a drop-in iris or motorized pattern device (See Insert a Pattern.).
F Beam focus knob: Loosen to adjust the lens tube position, and then tighten to secure it (See Focus the Fixture.).
G Accessory holder: Insert a color frame or other accessory, and then lock the holder.
H Power In and Power Thru connectors: powerCON® TRUE1 TOP connectors for power in and power thru (See Connect Power and Data.).
I DMX In and DMX Thru connectors: Five-pin XLR connectors for DMX/RDM in and thru.
J User interface: View the fixture status, set the DMX address and mode, or set stand-alone options.
K Antenna: For use when controlling the fixture using wireless DMX (See Set Up Multiverse Wireless Communication.).
L Handle: Use when focusing or carrying the fixture, but do not use as a safety cable connection point.
M NFC (Near Field Communication) tag: Use the Set Light app to wirelessly configure the fixture, with or without power applied to the fixture (See Configure Fixtures Using the Set Light App.).