Sensor3 Dimming

  • Lighting is changing

    And it will keep changing. Sensor3 Power Control is designed to handle change. 

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    Sensor3 bridges your system to the future. The ideal new theater design or retro fit uses a hybrid lighting system that can accommodate all loads - tungsten, LEDs, arc-source movers, and the unknown, while being ready for a time when LEDs may be the dominant source. The Sensor3 ThruPower Module allows you to switch freely between constant power, on/off switching with air-gap relays, and dimming for your lighting loads. And the new Sensor3 TPSR app from ETC maximizes the usefulness of Sensor ThruPower Modules. The free app helps stagehands make sure every fixture gets the correct power delivered to it – whether that’s dimmed or switched. Find out more about the Sensor3 TPSR app


    ETC's CEM3 is the power new platform for Sensor3 Power Control.

    Easy use

    Adjustments to the power rack are a snap with CEM3 technology. Backlit graphical display, one-button operation, number-pad for circuit entry, and other shortcut features reduce setup time and simplify the rig-check process.

    High performance

    CEM3 offers 16-bit fade resolution, immunity to power-line disturbances like voltage and frequency fluctuations, plus support for up to 12 network sources, and advanced curve adjustments for tuning fades across different load types.

    Powerful backup

    Lighting systems can never have too much backup: Sensor3's RideThru and BatteryPack options ensure power to the controller during outages. Support for multiple prioritized sources allows multiple consoles to back each other up on the network. If sources are lost, CEM3 has solutions for data loss including hold last look or automatically play a backup preset. And the system configuration is fully backed up on the rack's backplane for zero-configuration controller replacements.

    System Management
    System integration

    The Sensor3 Power Control System's tight integration with ETC consoles makes it an extension of them. Not only do you have instant access to system and circuit status, you can shift between dimmable and non-dim operation, update curves, change minimum or maximum output voltages, set preheats, activate backup looks, and record loads. And ETC's Net3 means that any ACN-based software or console can be seamlessly integrated into the Sensor3 system.

    Remote management

    Control the power system from anywhere. Get immediate, at-a-glance-monitoring of and access to your entire lighting system: real-time status of intelligent fixtures, network equipment, protocol-converting Gateways, power status and more.

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