Pro Multi-Cell

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Quality light for any space

Pro Multi-Cell luminaires are built to last and are available in several styles, including two-, four- and eight-cell versions. The Pro Two- and Four-Cell luminaires are a great choice for short- and medium-throw illumination, while the Pro Eight-Cell luminaire is designed for high-bay, wide-angle installations.

Arc 8 Cell emergency

All Pro Multi-Cell luminaires include convection cooling, ensuring 100% silent operation for quiet and intimate spaces, such as auditoriums, concert halls, art galleries and museums. With a high quality light having a CRI over 90, the option of beautiful fade-to-warm technology and a variety of color-temperature options, Pro Multi-Cell luminaires are a must-have for every installation. A cord connected option is available for 100-240V projects requiring a flexible installation method, while a hard-wired version is available for permanent installation applications requiring a wider voltage range of 100-277V.

2 Cell Yoke mount

ArcMesh wireless control

All ArcSystem fixtures with the wireless ArcMesh protocol on-board connect to the network via an onboard driver and the ArcMesh Transmitter which turns wired DMX into wireless signals. With no extra wiring required, ArcMesh technology saves you time on both new installations and retrofits.