CUE Professional Development Conference

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    CUE 2017 Classes Descriptions

  • Networking? Who’s Who and What’s What?

    Trainers: David Fox + Corey Cascio
    This class will explore the history of networked systems and the components that make them up. We’ll look at both ETC’s offerings and standard networking products.

    Designing your Networked System

    Trainers: Tom McGuire + Tracy Fitch

    This class will discuss laying out a networked system for lighting control. Attendees will examine the challenges and benefits of such a system and areas where you should or shouldn’t update.

    ETC’s Net3 Concert: Meet the Software

    Trainers: Mike Watson + Tom McGuire
    This class covers an overview of the features within the Net3 Concert Software and how they can optimize your workflow. Topics to be covered include; connecting to a system, using a network map, configuring your system, backing up the configuration, and more.

    Net 3 Concert, Hands On

    Trainers: Mike Watson + Tom McGuire
    This Lab-style class will give you a first-hand experience into using Net3 Concert to configure and monitor a network system. Participants will create their own network configurations and upload them to actual systems.

    The Heart of the System: Net3 Conductor

    Trainers: Tracy Fitch + Tom Barthel-Steer
    ETC’s Net3 Conductor takes network management and monitoring to the next level. With an advanced feature set that includes powerful tools such as Complete System Log Retrieval and Text Message Notification, Conductor can be a major asset to any system. This class will explore the full power of Conductor and why it should be at the heart of every networked system.