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  • Jake Dunnum

  • Jake Dunnum

    General Manager of Business Development

    Jake Dunnum earned a bachelor of science in math, physics, and computer science from Carroll University in 1999. His experience in software development, computer systems administration and theater have served him well in a number of capacities at ETC over the years, from phone support to systems design, product steering and marketing. He joined the company in 2000, as a technical support specialist, providing the first point of contact for customers, while consulting with product-development teams. He also worked as a technical support engineer before becoming the Marketing product manager for dimming and power control in 2006. In that role, he helped steer the development of products like the Unison Echo® Relay Panel and Sensor® IQ. As the general manager of business development, Dunnum manages new business development opportunities as they are identified across the corporation, until they are fully integrated.

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