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  • Fred Foster

  • Fred Foster

    Chief Executive Officer

    Fred Foster is ETC’s founder and CEO. While studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the 1970’s, being mentored by lighting-design luminary Gilbert Hemsley, Jr., Foster and his brother Bill, Gary Bewick and James Bradley developed a groundbreaking lighting-control console for theater, Mega Cue™, in Foster’s apartment. Over time, Foster has performed virtually all roles for ETC – from original inventor/engineer to industrial designer, tech support, salesman, marketer, chief operating officer, to president, and now CEO.

    Foster focuses his CEO energies not only on ETC’s global strategy and product development but on the cohesiveness of the internal ETC community and ETC’s role in the external community. He is also the prime force behind ETC’s student mentoring and philanthropic efforts. He conceptualized the acclaimed architectural look of ETC’s Middleton, Wisconsin, headquarters and the themed spaces in ETC’s London and New York offices, and he designs and builds ETC’s tradeshow booths.

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