Echo Expansion Bridges

The Unison Echo® Expansion Bridge provides control of the Unison Echo® control system from the Unison Paradigm® architectural control system. This bridge between control systems enables Paradigm control of Echo presets and zones.

The Echo Expansion Bridge also allows connection of up to four individual Echo segments (control systems) so more Echo control stations and Echo Responsive Controls can be used within an Echo control system. Each segment supports 16 power controllers and up to 16 Echo devices (stations or responsive controls). Expansion Bridge integration enables Echo segments to share spaces, presets, and zones.

Note:   The Expansion Bridge does not add additional spaces, presets, or zones to the Echo system totals.

Echo Expansion Bridge configuration can be accomplished through the use of the EchoAccess Mobile App or through Unison Paradigm LightDesigner software.

For more information on installing the Echo Expansion Bridge hardware, see the applicable installation guide. ETC's printed documentation is available for free download from For information to configure the Echo Expansion Bridge in a Paradigm system, reference the LightDesigner configuration software online help system.

Wink, Edit, and Delete

Options are available to [Wink], [Edit] and [Delete] an Echo Expansion Bridge device that has been discovered or manually connected from the Wi-Fi Connection page. Simply slide the name to the left, revealing the [Wink], [Edit], and [Delete] button.


To configure the Echo Expansion Bridge you are connected to, select Configuration from the EchoAccess menu, then select the Echo Expansion Bridge from the devices list (it will be the first device in the list when viewed in the default sort.)

See General Configuration and Space Configuration for information on the device's configuration settings.