Using the EchoAccess App

Use the EchoAccess App in conjunction with the Unison Echo EchoAccess Interface (Access BT Interface) or the Echo Expansion Bridge to configure and control individual Echo control system components. The app uses Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology to communicate with the Access BT Interface, and Wi-Fi to communicate with the Expansion Bridge.

For best performance and the most recent set of features, use EchoAccess App Version 3.0.2 with EchoAccess Interface v3.0 or higher and/or Echo Expansion Bridge v3.0 or higher. The features discussed in this help system are available with the latest versions of Echo control system components. The configuration pages displayed by EchoAccess App for previous versions of components may appear different than what is described in this help system.

Compatible Devices

Connecting to an Echo control system

To connect to an Echo control system, launch the EchoAccess App on your compatible device. The Connection page displays for selection of the connection type, either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Choose to connect to either a Bluetooth system or a Wi-Fi system by swiping right or left. All systems that are discovered within range will be listed. Demo Mode is only visible as a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth interface choice if Demo Mode is enabled in the Special Control menu.

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