ETCnomad USB Dongle

To run the Eos Family software as a client, primary or backup to any console, you must have an ETCnomad dongle, which is provided in the ETCnomad kit. The software will run as an offline editor or in mirror mode when the dongle is not present.

To use your computer in non-offline mode, insert the dongle into an open USB port on your computer. You must also connect your computer to the Eos Family network using your computer’s Ethernet port.

Using Wings

  • Universal Fader Wing 2x10
  • Universal Fader Wing 2x20
  • Universal Fader Module 1x20 (This module is designed to be mounted to a console directly and does not come with any other stand. Please consider how you will mount this module if you plan to use it with Eos ETCnomad.)
  • Eos Programming Wings
  • Eos Motorized Fader Wings
  • Eos Fader Wings

For a Windows 7 PC, the first time you connect a new USB device, the “Found New Hardware” wizard will appear and prompt you to install the drivers. After completing the wizard procedure, the new USB device should be operational with your PC.

For a Windows 8 or Windows 10 PC, the drivers will automatically install when found. If not found, follow the prompts given to install the drivers.

Note:  A Mac client will not support Universal Fader Wings. A Client PC will only support one fader wing.

Using a USB-DMX Converter

ETCnomad supports ETC Gadget USB-DMX converters for additional universes of output.