Tellson James(9)

Date Posted: 1/14/2021

Tellson James

Tellson James: Lighting Designer/Programmer: Ringo Starr, Louise Mandrell, television, cruise ships and theatres. Also Author of the Hog 2 Quick Reference Guide.
"I’m doing lots of Pixel Mapping of the eye candy in this show and the Hog 4 is great for that. It is so easy to do on a Hog. The Change Type cloning feature (for swapping fixtures) is a lifesaver when working club/theatre tours, where you are faced with different fixtures every day, and it works very well! I love being able to create color chases from the Effects Engine - a fast and easy way to accomplish color chases. I also use Time Code a lot in other shows, especially when triggering video for lip sync. My friend Vince Foster introduced me (years ago) on how to use Hog 2, and I had plenty of time to experiment with it (before taking it out on tour) during auto shows, trade shows, conferences, when the console would be there. And now, I just know it."