QuickTouch Preset

  • You need to walk into a space, and with the single push of a button, have the room be set and ready to work. QuickTouch Preset does exactly that. Safely store acoustic clouds, orchestra shells, curtain tracks, legs, borders, PA equipment and deploy them when you need them with ETC hoists and QuickTouch Preset controllers.

    Ideal for configuring multi-use spaces, QuickTouch Preset records and recalls up to 999 presets for up to 24 hoists.

    QuickTouch Preset system:

    Control acoustic clouds, orchestra shells, curtain tracks, legs, borders, PA equipment, or other items that you store out of sight with QuickTouch Preset.

    Foundation Tab
    QuickTouch Tab Image

    Safety features:

    The feedback you get from your ETC hoist is communicated directly to your controller!

    • Full system integration
    • Customizable user access levels
    • Password login protection
    • Locking door and remote e-stop stations available
    • Hoist-usage data statistics and service-interval reminders
    • Built-in inspection support software and inspection report generator
    • If you ever need us, we’re just a phone call away with our 24/7/365 support

    QuickTouch Preset Tab Image

    Press the easy button!

    Press the easy button!

    Set the equipment and record its positions with QuickTouch Preset. You’ll be prepared for a band concert on Tuesday a lecture on Wednesday, a student-directed play on Thursday and a dance show on Friday. With the press of a button, each batten moves to it’s predetermined, precise location. No ladders. No lifts. No heavy counterweight systems to struggle with. One button unlocks the full potential of your space. It’s so easy your entire staff can run it!

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