QuickTouch Controllers

  • ETC’s original intelligent operating stations for fixed- and variable-speed motors

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    QuickTouch is the perfect set-up controller for small theatres, auditoriums, and academic settings with either fixed or variable speed hoists. Safely and intuitively move lighting battens to a working height and back to their precise focus positions. Feature-packed with an LCD display that provides real time position and load information, and easy-to-read status messages.

    Set up shows ahead of time without the cost and complexity of a full-blown programmable control system.

    With the touch of a button, lighting battens or utility hoists can be moved to a lamp-change position and back to their precise focus position with this intuitive controller option.

    Foundation Tab
    QuickTouch Tab Image
    QuickTouch Tab Image

    Option to include

    • locking doors, remote pendants, and e-stop stations
    • The LCD screen displays real time data and diagnostics, and automatically runs self-test at startup after 30 days of continuous use

    QuickTouch Preset Tab Image

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