Eos Advanced Training DVDs

Eos Advanced Training DVDs

You asked and we listened. If you have experience programming on an Eos or Ion console and find yourself ready to tackle some of your console's more advanced capabilities, we now have an exciting training video available to you. ETC and Cachet Productions are proud to announce our latest training DVD offering - Advanced Programming Concepts for the Eos Family of Consoles DVD.  

This video is a world-class educational tool for professionals and academics alike. It is designed to familiarize you with training concepts beyond basic console operation. Although the video was filmed using an Eos console, the information presented in this video will be useful to advanced Eos and Ion users alike.  

Topics covered in the video include: 

  • Effects 
  • Multiple cue lists 
  • Multi-console and partition control 
  • Selective storing 
  • Many other cutting-edge tips and tricks  

This DVD is available to you for only $99.00. To purchase this or any other ETC training DVDs, please contact your local ETC dealer.