Tunable-White Fixture Controller

Tunable-White Fixture Controller

The Tunable-White Fixture Controller (ELED2) is a wireless solution for dimming the intensity and controlling the color temperature of tunable-white fixtures. With two separate outputs – one for intensity, one for color temperature control – the ELED2 can deliver a variety of color temperature and dimming control sequences.

When paired with a photo sensor with color correlated technology (like the Echoflex TAP-41), the ELED2 can automatically adjust a fixture’s color temperature to a pre-determined set point for closed loop applications. It can also receive commands from a gateway device to change color temperature set points throughout the day to implement human-centric lighting programs. For open loop applications, the ELED2 takes advantage of the TAP-41’s wide temperature range (1,000K-10,000K) to modulate color temperature anywhere within a user-defined range.

The ELED2 also supports Dim to Warm technology, replicating a natural look with LED fixtures even as they dim. Whether it’s a graceful dim to off, or an adjustment of the color temperature as users dim lights, Dim to Warm technology makes sure the ambient light appears natural.

The ELED2 works with all Echoflex occupancy/vacancy sensors and switch stations, helping venues meet energy code requirements.

Product Features

  • Dimmer and relay for LED fixtures
  • 0-10V control of color temperature on tunable-white LED fixtures
  • Dim to Warm technology lowers color temperature as intensity lowers
  • Configurable for open loop and closed loop daylighting applications
  • Accepts Gateway commands for dynamic set points