DMX Interface

DMX Interface

The ERDMX is a new way to control DMX-512 compatible dimmers and other DMX compatible devices. - DMX control with wireless, self-powered switches.

The ERDMX-EU-LV allows the Echoflex family of wireless, self-powered switches to control industry standard DMX-512 devices. A wireless, powerless way to add new DMX controls to theatrical and architectural lighting control systems. Additional controls can be added quickly and efficiently without the need for expensive DMX cables. In the event there is an existing DMX network, inexpensive DMX mergers are available to simplify the addition of the ERDMX system.

The ERDMX-EU-LV interface is powered by low voltage (9-24VDC) and will accept inputs from up to 2 dual switches to switch on or off, dim up or down or to select pre-programmed lighting scenes. The ERDMX now has a DMX "snapshot" mode, where up to 8 DMX scenes can be recorded using any industry standard DMX controller. These scenes can then be recalled and modified by PTM up/down master switches.

Product features:

  • Control DMX-512 devices with wireless, self-powered switches
  • Add control quickly and efficiently without the need for expensive DMX cabling
  • Powered by 9-24VDC
  • Switch on/off, dim up/down or select a scene