National Electrical Code 2020 proposals now open for public review

  • The three year revision cycle for the National Electrical Code is proceeding on schedule. A public comment period is now open for changes being proposed in the First Draft of the 2020 NEC through August 30.2018. All commenting is accomplished via an online system at the website of the National Fire Protection Association. If you want to review the First Draft and submit a public comment, you can do so here:

    You can see the changes being proposed in the First Draft Report. Changes show up in legislative format (strikeouts for deletions and underscores for new material,) and are accompanied by an FR number which is a hot link that takes you to the detail of the revision and includes the Code Panel statement on the rationale behind the revision. If you see something on which you would like to comment, please use the “Submit a Public Comment” link within the URL above.

    What’s interesting to the entertainment industry?

    Most of the proposed changes to the entertainment articles of the Code (518, 520, 522, 525, 530, 540) are editorial in nature for the 2020 cycle. However, one particular proposal may be of interest: Section 520.68(A)(2) has been proposed to allow considerably expanded use of Hard Usage cable (Type SJ and derivatives) in theaters and similar locations. This type of cord would now be allowed in “protected applications” up to 100’ in length. Currently, extra-hard usage cable (type S and derivatives) is required in most applications other than breakout assemblies, twofers and adapters, stand lamp cords, and luminaire supply cords.

    You have your chance to influence the contents of the NEC by submitting a public comment through August 30, 2018!