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    Cost-Effective LED Lighting for Your House of Worship

    Affordable can be rich with ColorSource Fixtures

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    • ColorSource fixtures get you the most out of your budget. The Spot fixture offers more lumens per dollar and lumens per watt than competing LED Profiles. 

    • The unique array in the RGBL fixtures means brighter, richer and more believable colors for your space that also look great on video.

    • The plug-and-play efficiency in ColorSource products makes it easy to integrate LED technology in your rig and expand over time.

    Valley Family

    • Guaranteed to last, ColorSource fixtures are backed by ETC's five-year full fixture warranty and ten-year LED array warranty.

    • You'll always have someone to provide technical assistance, with ETC's 24/7/365 world-class customer support.

    • Integration with ColorSource consoles creates an easy-to-use system for your volunteers to program your stage's lighting. 
    • ColorSource offers a complete set of lighting fixtures for your stage, with Spot, PAR, Linear, and CYC options available.
    Royal Central London

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    "The color and brightness of the ColorSource fixtures were incredible. I was floored how seamlessly the ETC products blended right in with my older fixtures. I was also blown away by how quiet they are. With just a few of these lights, I was able to thrill the director and keep the rental cost way down. It would have been a completely different design without the ColorSource fixtures."

    Michael O'Conner, Lighting Designer

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