ETCnomad. One Price. Three Systems.

  • ETCnomad DongleSmall enough to fit on your keychain, the ETCnomad USB key plugs into your computer and unlocks the power of three premier lighting control platforms: Eos, Cobalt, and High End Systems' Hog 4 PC.  You’ve never felt more powerful! With the ETCnomad USB key, your computer can act as a standalone lighting controller or it can run alongside full consoles on the network. 

    ETCnomad Student Package

    ETCnomad Education Package

    Students! Broaden your programming skills for any gig of any size. The ETCnomad Education Package gives you an ETCnomad USB key and Gadget II USB to DMX interface at a fraction of the cost. Get up to speed and build your programming chops with our Eos, Cobalt, and Hog 4 video tutorials.

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