Welcome and thank you for using version v1.0 of Unison Mosaic DMX Record.

Capture Your Console

DMX Record is a free, standalone utility for capturing multiple universes of sACN or Art-Net lighting data. DMX Record lets you capture complex lighting programming from another lighting control system and import recordings straight into Designer 2 for playback on Mosaic Show Controllers.

DMX Record

Console operators can download DMX Record and capture recordings of programming, with no familiarity of Designer 2 necessary. Recorded data can be reviewed and trimmed in DMX Record, and metadata - such as lighting sequence descriptions and patch information – can be embedded with the recording.

Capture lighting programming from another control system to:

  • Playback detailed moving light sequences.

  • Save any lighting programming for long term permanent installation.

  • Upgrade a legacy system by recording the existing looks and sequences without having to reverse engineer old programming.

  • Take mockup and concept programming to a live project.

Move lighting data from a console to an MSC to benefit from the MSC’s autonomous playback and show control features.

Designer 2 Integration

In Unison Mosaic Designer 2, import the files shared from DMX Record, then simply drop the recording preset onto a group of fixtures patched the same as in the recording, then trigger the controller to play back the recording on a timeline exactly as programmed on the console. Or, benefit from Designer's powerful and flexible playback tools, override, priority and LTP rules to use the recording data as a foundation, with huge potential to manipulate and programme on top of it:

  • Selectively playback only some of the capture by dropping the recording onto a sub-group and it will play only on those fixtures.

  • Combine captures by placing multiple recording presets on different fixture groups.

  • Colour and intensity can be easily changed with Designer presets programmed as normal on a different timeline, whilst the rest of the captured data continues to playback from the recording preset.

  • Gobo, beam, position and other parameters can also be programmed in Scenes in Designer as before, to override parts of a recording.

  • Adjust recording speed by setting timeline rate or change the preset length to trim the recording.

Help Overview

The Help is split into four sections Record, Review, Reference, and Support.

This Help will cover setting up and editing recordings in Unison Mosaic DMX Record. For details of applying the recordings in Designer 2 projects, please refer to Designer 2 Help.

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