• Obsession II Facepanel Code Transfer Problems    -ASC


    After upgrading to software version 4.0 the Obsession II console will not come online.  The video display shows the ETC splash screen and a row of dots across the bottom of the screen.  The message "Node code transfer FAILED" is displayed on the diagnostic screen (or message log) during the software installation procedure.


    In Obsession software versions 3.x and 4.0, there was a problem where during a software upgrade the Obsession II processor unit would wait only about a minute for the console to complete its software download via the network.  In some cases, the processor unit would not wait enough time causing the console code to become corrupted.  This problem was identified and documented on October 9th, 1998.  This problem was fixed in the next release software version 4.1.1.
    The work around for this problem is to copy the files to the facepanel by diskette.

    To do this follow the procedure below:

    • Step 1 - Set Up
      With the processor up and running with the new software version, plug a monitor into the diagnostic port on the primary processor unit. Also plug a keyboard into either the keyboard port in the back of the processor unit or into the primary port of your DMX switcher, if present.
    • Step 2 - Exit To DOS
      Engage the [Scroll Lock] key on the keyboard. Hold down the right [Shift] key, then press the [Tab} key twice. This will give the command to exit to DOS.
    • Step 3 - Format The Disk
      Insert a blank high density diskette into the primary processors disk drive. We'll start by doing a clean format of the diskette. Type a: and press enter. Then type format a: and press enter. It will also ask you to type a directory label. Just press enter, as a directory label is not needed or desired for this operation.
    • Step 4 - Copy The Files
      Type a: and press [Enter]. You should be in the C:/ETC/ directory. Now type copy o2con.cof a: and press [Enter]. After that operation is complete, type copy obsn2fp.bin a: and press enter. Now type a: and press enter. Now type dir and press enter. Verify that both files that we just copied are listed. Verify the file size of both files to make sure that the files are complete.  [o2con.cof file size= 83,551k 10/1/98]  [obsn2fp.bin file size= 1,048,576k 8/25/98].  Eject the disk and power down the processor.
    • Step 5 - Load The Files Into The Facepanel
      Switch off the facepanel and disconnect its Ethernet cable. Insert the disk we just made into the disk drive on the face panel. Power up the facepanel. It should see the two files on the diskette and automatically load the software. After the operation is complete, eject the disk, power down the facepanel, and reconnect the Ethernet cable.
    • Step 6 - Power Up The System
      Power up the facepanel and all remote node devices. Now power up the processor unit. The system should now operate normally.