• Emphasis: Setting System ID & System Name

    Setting System ID

    System ID must be changed in 2 places, then the Emphasis Application, as a whole, needs to be shut
    down and rebooted. This can only be done from System Manager or contact ETC Support.

    • Login as System Manager

    • Launch Emphasis

    • Minimize Application


    • Performed in Emphasis Console Application
           Go to Task Bar at bottom of Screen
           Right Click on Emphasis Console Tab
           Select Restore
           Select Options from the bar that contains File, Options, Window, and Help
           Select System ID
           Set System ID number in the System box
           The Name box is the Label that appears on the facepanel Login Screen
           Select OK

    • Minimize Console application

    • Performed in Emphasis Visualization Application
           Restore Emphasis Visualization
           Go to the Emphasis Mode
           Select Options from the bar that contains File, Edit, Library, etc.
           Select Application Options
           Click the Emphasis Tab
           Set the SAME System ID that you set in Console Application
           Select OK
    • Logout

    • Login as Emphasis User

    • Reboot facepanel